About Us

What is the meaning of life? (besides a deep question you probably didn't expect on the About Us page). Here at The Pantry Spice Company, we believe the simple answer is to identify what you are passionate about, and to, as best you can, spend the gift of your life doing that.

The dream of this little spice shop was born on a cold winter day in late 2017 to two friends who are passionate about good food. Two friends who love cooking and all the culinary inspiration that comes from the aroma of fine spices from around the world. Two friends who were in agreement that more time needed to be dedicated to this passion.

We are pleased and proud to present our inaugural selection of spices and herbs, and even more so to introduce the first of our Signature Blends. Some of these are our take on classic spice blends you will recognize, but some are original creations that our kitchens (and we hope yours) can no longer be without. Our blends are all ground and hand-mixed in small batches for the most exquisite freshness.

We have big dreams for our little company. We hope you will check back with us regularly as we expand our selection of fine herbs and spices, and to keep up with our latest releases of Signature Blends. We have some beautiful seasonal gift ideas waiting in the wings, and can't wait to start sharing our recipes and simple, everyday ways to use our spices to bring new flavours and renewed inspiration into your life.