Fiesta Gift Set

This gift box set will entice your senses with South of the border inspired flavours. 

Our Fajita Mix is perfect for sprinkling on fried onions and peppers to make a great garnish for your fajita mixings. 

Guacamole et al is a perfect addition to your avocado for a delicious guacamole spread. Or sprinkle it on vegetables before roasted. 

North of the Border mix is our take on Tex-Mex, a blend of spices for a perfect fusion of American and Mexican cuisine. This mix can be used in just about anything. Try it in chili, BBQ chicken or fried beans. 

Gift box Includes: 4oz jar of Fajita Mix and 2oz jar of each Guacamole et al and North of the Border, packaged with bay leaves, chili pepper and cinnamon sticks. 

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